By William Markiewicz

Ukraine is an important link in the steel chain surrounding Russia from the Baltic Sea to Central Asia. Who wins Ukraine's election wouldn't be so important if the world's situation were not so confrontational. Because the power distribution in the world is so unequal, the very concept of the extent and meaning of victory is undergoing important changes.

The Roman victories resulted mostly in domination of the defeated. Coexistence based on inequality was established as the model of imperialism. The Nazis were the first in history to introduce the ultimate solution. We don't really know yet what the NWO's agenda is. As there are no limits to power, there are no limits for goals either. In Iraq, Iran, "change of regime" may, for some naives, be an excuse for intervention. But for Russia it cannot work. Their regime changed without waiting for the NWO. Russia fights for its survival -- what future can there be for a fragmented Russia, without Caucasus and Siberia, without natural wealth, in an impossible climate? What future is there for China without Manchuria?

For Ukrainians, an opening to the West may be seductive; jobs, comfort, travels to sunny sites ... But are they ready to pay the consequences? The USA is building offense - defense systems: the defense is supposed to be BMD and the offense consists precisely of this steel belt of allied countries - former Soviet Republics - that squeeze Russia's soft belly from the Baltic to Central Asia. They comprise an American Foreign Legion from which an invasion on Russia may start. Those countries don't have their own BMD. Are they ready to be on the frontline of the confrontation with Russia? The NWO will not protect them; too busy to use them. No matter how legitimate are the desires of those countries to improve their future on the side of the West, they should stay alert to their geopolitical situation and let the Elephant attack the Bear by himself.

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