By William Markiewicz

The test in Alaska recently failed; big deal, big failure... The ideal NWO is a world based on the religion of security; in sum a coward's Paradise. When Bush beats the drum about safety, it's music to the ears of the emasculated world. Total security really means castrated defanged pets, seas without sharks, Africa without lions, Asia without tigers, golf fields and controlled tree plantations replacing old forests. Bush works hard to collect energy and simultaneously empty seas and lands not only of sharks and tigers but of life, damaging anyone in need of clean soil, water and air.

The curious but familiar circumstance is that the more one is dangerous the more he worries about his own safety. So, with next to nothing, the US created a fear of Saddam Hussein, while Saddam was denied the right to fear the USA. The weak are always denied the right to prepare defences. The next danger for the USA? Iran of course. Quite resourceful, a military "mighty mouse" in the power hierarchy -- an ideal candidate for invasion. Not only the pseudo-dangerous have to be invaded, but also their sympathizers -- for instance Syria. What does the Missile Defense Program have to do with all of this? Nothing. The "defense systems" are decoys to imply the existence of danger and justify further expeditions for the "Golden Fleece" throughout the world.

Neither missiles nor nukes can protect from terror; but terror is not the real issue for the NWO. The countless instances of "collateral damage" among local populations on the expeditionary wars' exotic grounds are not the issue either. The real issue is each dying US soldier: The political animals need glorious images, not body bags. How long can this patience game last? Don't hold your breath. Hundreds of Western Warriors and countless "enemies of our values" still have to die and their mountains and valleys be reduced to ashes.

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