By William Markiewicz

The idea of the European Union became particularly important because of the NWO's aggressive policy; excessive power has turned some heads there. Also, Europe is heterogeneous and must stay so because this is its essence. The USA is a country of immigrants and heterogeneity is not in its credo -- just the contrary. The history of the New World is too young to be a model for humanity; we don't know what the melting pot may bring in the future. Europe's heterogeneous character has passed its test for the most part; any tries at amalgamation, or simply coexistence, have been less successful.

European neighbourhood relations are currently stable and harmonious; only Serbia fell victim to The Great Vengeance (See Ahuramazda.... July August issue). Russia is kept apart for extra-European and NWO's reasons. As for Turkey, geographically it is part of Europe, but it is neither in Turkey's nor Europe's interests that Turks develop a landslide trend toward Europe similar to the Latino landslide toward the USA. Turkey is too big to remain a poor partner; Europe has to help Turkey to quickly develop to the level of other Europeans.

Another problem: in order not to weaken Europe and therefore keep the NWO happy, control must be maintained over the shaky interior stability in some European countries. Coexistence is one of the most challenging problems and there is not a custom-made formula for it.

The European countries must really understand in what consists the commonwealth of Europe and not be lured by the alien Sirens' voices. The idea of Europe passed a crisis when new members, for their own greedy reasons, clearly took the NWO side and enthusiastically joined the Iraq invasion. Now with tails between legs and trousers in hand, they run away from the quagmire. Europe must conduct European policy with consistency, put European interests first, and keep away from expeditionary adventures.

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