By William Markiewicz

I've usually agreed with Ivan Eland, but recently I found the following quote -- See (Communication Page, this issue).

As Eland writes, "American societal mobilization 
to fight World War II surpassed even the massive effort
during World War I. The US government's tentacles slithered 
ever deeper into civil society."

This observation applies to all states conducting wars, meaning almost the whole world. Then why single out the USA? No matter how deep the government's tentacles slithered, wars didn't kill democracies.

If all wars are wrong then there should have been no resistance to the aggressions of Nazism, Communism, religious warriors, ambitious dictators, etc. Lets figure out what would have happened if the USA had remained neutral during WW2: The victorious Nazis would have calmly achieved their Final Solution in Europe. They would take control over the defeated European countries' colonial domains. How would they have applied their racial policy in those immense territories where almost the entire population is colored? Today only Sci-Fi can speculate about ways to apply the mega Final Solution to the majority of the world population.

Who can guarantee that the victorious Nazi Empire would leave the neutral USA in peace? Only some Buddhists still believe in the power of the pacifism, therefore so few Buddhists remain in India; they were wiped out by warrior conquerors.

I don't know what Mr. Eland's guideline is. If it's pacifism, then extreme pacifism, like all extremes, holds the germ of its self-destruction.

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