By William Markiewicz

"The National Post" reports that Al Quaeda is targeting Kadaffi for his concessions to the West. There is no doubt that Kadaffi and Al Quaeda share the same feelings in their hearts but differences concerning tactics can engender as much hatred as ideological differences. Each side may blame the other for any ensuing debacle. Stalinists and Trotskyites, both determined Communists, hated each other because the Stalinists believed that Communism should be located first of all in one country and branch out from there, while the Trotskyites believed that internationalism is the gist of Communism and must be preserved as such. Stalin won the internal fight and later, WW2. Trotsky paid with his life for his defeat, and had he won, Communism would probably have ceased to exist a long time ago. So, Stalin's tactics were more realistic. Now a fight rages between those who collaborate with the occupiers and those who oppose with terror. The first argue: let's collaborate, mainly to spare the civilian population, hoping that time will be on our side. The extremists retort: If we make the situation too comfortable for the enemy, he'll never go away, will strangle us in his economic takeover, and our population will be reduced to an aboriginal condition.

Around 60 years ago, in Palestine, the Haganah and the Irgun Tzvai Leumi experienced a similar conflict and it was the terrorist Irgun that forced the English to leave. Of course it doesn't mean that history always repeats itself; terror was new for the English and they didn't know how to handle it. Beside this they believed that the Arab armies would easily defeat the Jews and the English would return as peacemakers, saving the lives of the surviving Jews who'd lose all their political clout. They calculated wrongly and now know better. Besides this, the NWO is determined to overcome the terrorists. Both sides share the same ruthlessness while the West has unquestionable technological superiority. One plane bomber can cause more deaths than thousands of kamikaze. The world today watches a ferocious battle being carried out in the World Arena as did the ancient Romans in the Colosseum.

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