Vagabond William Markiewicz Newsletter
November - December 2003 edition

The Vagabond: attached to nothing, aware of everything

In this issue:

What do Slobodan and Saddam Have in Common? (12/29)
Tactics as a Bone of Contention (12/24)
Hail the New Ice Age! (12/20)
Open Bouquet --

Looking for Terrorism in the Entrails of the Planet (11/26)
"Radiant Future" under NWO (11/23), Impossible Bedfellows (11/15),
Chretien goes ... (11/12), Anti-Semitism? (11/03)
Is Georgia for Sale? (11/24)
France Chooses the Aryan Way -- or "Ca va barder"
Chirac Follows Petain's Pattern (11/01)
Communication Page --
Du Bouddhisme ..., Waco ..., The Anarchist Manifesto Project ...,
Poland Again ...

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