By William Markiewicz

Noriega, Milosevic, Saddam or whoever, guilty or not, has to fear not justice but injustice as justice strolls arbitrarily along a pathway traced by the omnipotent. When Martin protested that US authorities don't respect the Canadian passport, those authorities replied that US security comes first. Isn't it the Canadian government's duty to warn its citizens that if they cross the US border, they do it at their own risk because Canada can do nothing to protect them?

Stalin asked: "How many divisions has the Pope?" At present, democracy has no divisions; public opinion, which is supposed to be on guard for democracy, wakes up, and usually too late, only when some local freedoms and privileges are targeted.

TheTwentieth Century was marked by two beautiful gestures, like the last shining sunrays before the coming of a new Ice Age: The Marshall Plan, which brought us a long-term peace and prosperity, and the voluntary dismantlement of the Soviet Empire without 'nipping off' anybody's territories along the way. Gorbachev should have received the Nobel Prize. Instead, Russia was rewarded with blows on the head by the NWO, which shapes the world with an axe. No revolutionary theories or beliefs are involved in the NWO, just "security measures," a formula unbelievably simple and efficient that permits everything, including "collateral damages." Probably more than one PR expert beams: " I told you it would work!" Indeed it works. Future generations born in the new Ice Age will believe, like the Mammoths, that this is the only way to live.

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