By William Markiewicz

Basically there are three categories of individuals and societies: 1) The majority, who mostly have and/or want something to sell, 2) The minority who mostly want to buy, 3) The insignificant Zen-like communities or individuals who are not oriented toward commerce. Among the buyers, the most powerful are those who transcend necessity and buy on a whim or for social or political dominance. The Empire builders are collector-like. They buy and conquer because they like it and can afford it. The U.S. is now the only Empire builder in the world. Disregarding immediate or mid term profit in favour of other far away factors, they can afford to pay anything they want, with no competitors. If, for instance, they want to buy Russia's neighbours, there is no doubt that they can do it. Price is not the issue. If they really wanted to do so, they could even buy Saddam but they preferred the war game. Why did they prefer this? Don't ask a smart question about stupid choices.

America takes the side of Azerbaijan in the conflict with Armenia. It's an openly humiliating situation for Russia. All she can do is watch the oncoming events.

A few years ago, a short time after Perestroika, some politicians wrote, I believe Brzezinski was among them: Russia is too big. How to protect the integrity of its immense frontiers may remain Russia's main concern in the decades to come.

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