Chirac Follows Petain's Pattern

By William Markiewicz

Excerpt from

   France's FM says U.S. withdrawal from Iraq would be a catastrophe

   SAINT-SYMPHORIEN-LE-CHATEAU, France (AP) - A U.S. pullout from
   Iraq would be "catastrophic," French Foreign Minister Dominique
   de Villepin said Thursday, urging countries to take a strong
   united stance to stabilize Iraq.

Excerpt from, 28/10/2003:
   France 'to aim nuclear arms at rogue states'
   By Philip Delves Broughton in Paris 

   France is to enact a historic shift in military
   strategy by targeting its nuclear missiles on 
   "rogue states" that have weapons of mass destruction,
   it was reported yesterday. 

   In the longer term, the strategy will "take into account"
   China as a potential threat, according to the newspaper
   Libération. It said the new doctrine - the fruit of several
   years of reflection by the defence ministry, will be announced
   in the next few weeks.

Why in hell China? In what way is China is more rogue than ... France? And who will be the next nominated rogue -- Japan?

China, pseudo-Communist country, busy boosting its economy, remains rather passive in the matter of international politics, and backward in military power. Definitely less a "terrorist" than anybody else. France's gesture makes sense only as a spectacular move to please America: "Look at us, we became good again!" America's neocolonial gesture of a vengeful boycott of France has probably had an effect. France suffered and from its previous ambition to safeguard independence and the world's democracy, withdraws toward a more realistic position: Follow American policy blindly if you want to stay afloat. Soon France may join America in "helping the Iraqi people," meaning occupying Iraq. Maybe Germany and other non-aligned countries will join. The USA will be relieved of carrying the burden alone and Iraq will definitely be doomed. All of "rogue" Asia, rich in natural and human resources but weak militarily, can tremble and wait its turn.

Europe must carefully watch its steps. It's true that it cannot compete with America economically but it has something unique, precisely for American consumption: Its past full of treasures. Up to now those treasures are intact and Europe remains a tourist's Eldorado for countless Americans. Everything is there for them: another Acapulco, another Disneyland, and culture for those who feel cultured. All this may be irreversibly damaged by revengeful terror and the politicians should take this into account. Those treasures may be substantial bread and butter sources for the Europe of tomorrow since economic competition is excluded in the long term. Can Europe swim and keep its clothes dry? Can it satisfy the colonialists without angering the colonized?

A few words about another crowd that shares the Americans' unlimited enthusiasm for the NWO: the majority of Jews who remain blindly optimistic for their future and unprepared for danger. Under the motto "There is no God but America and Bush is its prophet" they put on the N W O harness as high ranking servants. They feel immune to Islamic hatred because they're convinced that everybody else is on their side. Pilsudski's maxim: "The Jews are the worst politicians in the world" is still valid. The neocons use the Jews, whether Wolfowitz or Sharon. However I recommend that enthusiasts of the NWO see the movie that shows how the Chinese Empress resolved a conflict between two ministers who hated each other. One of them wanted the head of his enemy's intimate friend, and the Empress consented: "He created discord between my two beloved ministers, so let his head go!" The satisfied minister thanks the Empress and goes away. The other kneels before the Empress and implores: "Please, kill me instead!" The Empress replies: "Don't worry, he'll have the head of your friend, but you'll have HIS head!" American neocons are political realists a la Chinese Empress; they offer the Muslim's head to Sharon and to the Jewish American electorate, and, when Sharon's and Wolfowitz's services are no longer needed, they'll offer the Jewish head to the Muslims and to any other who may want it. Let's not forget that the Jews in America remain totally defenceless, incomparably more than European Jewry ever was before WW2. Had the European Jews been oriented toward self-defence, the Holocaust would never have occurred. The Jews had as potential: (1) Their formidable number (read: (, (2) all Europe with its mountains and forests and archaic cities and villages was a terrain of choice for guerilla wars, and (3) with their technological and financial resources they could have created a deluge of false identification documents, until the third generation as the Nuremberg statute required. They could have either crushed Nazism or provoked its change of heart. We have seen that for political reasons the Nazis accepted various non-Aryans in their ranks: the UgroFins in Europe and also among various nations in Asia. In the USA nobody can physically defend himself -- remember Waco? Once a regime changes, no high-ranking office has walls thick enough to protect the occupants. Blacks and Latinos can resist longer because they have respectable population numbers, which the Jews lack. What does the future hold? I don't know. Is it late? Perhaps, but never too late to take steps in the right direction: Leave the Territories! As France takes "the Aryan way" the Israelis should take the democratic way.

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