By William Markiewicz

A long time ago I saw a film in which the last Chinese Empress was portrayed. The diplomatic skill of the Empress was illustrated in the way she resolved a conflict between two of her ministers, enemies. One minister wanted the death of the other minister's friend; the other defended his friend and pleaded for his life, as the man had done nothing wrong. The Empress replied: "As this man is responsible for discord between my dear ministers, then he must die and the problem will be resolved." The minister who had asked for the death happily bowed and left. The second one fell to his knees: "Majesty, kill me with my friend!" The Empress, smiling, answered, "Look, I offer him your friend's head; after a while I will give you HIS head." Now it was the turn of the second minister to be happy; no friendships in politics.

From China to Caucasus with another example of the political mind: When the Czar's army conquered the Chechens, the Russian officers showed unbelievable camaraderie to the defeated Chechen officers. This probably helped pacify them.

As this Russian-Chechen example shows, you can be nice to your enemy with success but you have to smash him first. Then he will be more open to any nice offer and take it as generosity.

The N W O offered Serbian bait to the Muslims and smashes them now since the bait didn't work and September 11th happened instead. Let's imagine that the time may come when the NWO offers the Muslims -- Israel. Do you know any Arab who wouldn't now give away not only oil but his blood to get rid of Israel? That's what I meant when I wrote that Israel might find itself in big trouble. After smashing Iraq and Iran, and filling them with terror and fear, the N W O, at Israel's expense, may show the defeated ones a nice attitude and generosity a la Russian officers and the Chinese Empress.

If Israel had a far-reaching vision it wouldn't build its entire future on one overpowering ally. Any alliance may be fragile; Israeli-Turkish relations will be tainted by election results in Turkey. As Marshall Pilsudski said, the Jews have never been good politicians. During 2000 years when nations were rising and falling in Europe, the Jews didn't build their safe haven though time and opportunities were not lacking. Now, in Israel, they've fallen into other extremes by building their future exclusively on their superior military power and leaning on their superior ally. America is more sensitive to world opinion than Israel which, in the shadow of its mighty protector, believes it can ignore everybody else.

To survive, Israel should make the concessions first, and show a friendly face to the defeated Arab enemy as the Czarist Russians did with the Chechens. Rabin was the only Israeli politician with skill and charm. They should first of all give independence to the Palestinians and see where the chips fall. It would be easier to take revenge over an ill behaved independent neighbour than to eternally punish a whole people under occupation as the Nazis and the Soviets did. First of all they must liquidate settler-commandos. It would be a great and good surprise for the Arabs and the Israelis simultaneously, and a very bad surprise for the NWO presently playing the Jews and Arabs against each other.

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