By William Markiewicz

This was one of my relative's favorite exclamations. For example, what nonsense is written in the name of Communism, Nazism, antiterrorism! I don't include religion because if somebody wants to save his soul it's his own business. Religious wars, though, are more a matter of politics than of soul.

Here comes my point: in Afghanistan, the Taliban, Al Quaeda were not terrorists but soldiers or guerillas on the battlefront. You can fight terror on specific, easier to monitor grounds, like airports, but you can't fight invisible, shadowy, loose terrorists. They don't need bases or training centers, they don't need Afghanistan or wherever. A terrorist can be somebody who fabricates explosives on the kitchen table then fills his pockets and blows himself up in the subway for instance. They can exchange instructions, ideas, while sitting in some corner pub and speaking in code. The terrorists are a network, like Internet. They cannot win a war by accomplishing spectacular acts as in the USA, Bali, Moscow, but they become a plague which doesn't strike everyone while scaring everybody. Making war against individual or small scale terrorists is not possible, not in a democracy anyway. In a democracy you can ERADICATE THE SOURCES of terror. Like any plague, once the source is eradicated, terror disintegrates as if by magic. But "for baldness and stupidity there is no cure" (another Polish saying, I am sorry that I load you with so many of them but they come in handy), so, nobody will apply this simplest of remedies. Hercules will continue to waste his strength fighting with shadows.

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