By William Markiewicz

If, for a non-believer, any religious war is a cover for some political agenda, the "holy democratic war against international terrorism" is such nonsense that no politician or PR expert who respected public opinion would dare propose it. Adversaries on both sides claim they fight the devil. One side mentions God and the other, superior morality. If terrorism is a crime, the police and secret services should be enough to handle it. But no, we raise terror to a pedestal of evil beyond the level of crime, and a legal mafia of politicians with nukes and armies manage their business of power and money by changing the political planetary order. The Polish 19th century poet Cyprian Norwid wrote: "Giant armies, valiant generals... united against whom? Against a few ideas, which are not new." Today's terrorists are not pirates, highway robbers; profit is the last of their preoccupations, their metaphysics more an accessory then a real drive. If, during colonialism, the Africans, the American Indians had been able to go to Europe to fight the rulers on their own ground -- would they be called terrorists?

Those people have a real cause. Armies have no business in fighting them; politicians should negotiate with them. Separatist aspirations must be respected; after all we live in the 21st century. The sovereignty of nations must be restored, meaning no NWO meddling in the interior matters of nations. Today blood is spilled, the planet is damaged because under pretext of justice and democracy the NWO favors one at the expense of the other. Without the arrogant and greedy NWO, Yugoslavia would have separated gradually and those countries would be at peace -- and yes -- prosperous neighbours today. In Afghanistan, the Pashtuns, victors over Alexander the Great and Ghengis Khan, wouldn't be massacred and chased from their villages for the benefit of their neighbours.

The world can live peacefully with Iraq and Iran, and the US can live without their oil. So many countries handle nukes that North Korea doesn't make a big difference. Israel can live much better without settler commandos in Palestinian territory. Once this is understood, the police and secret services will be sufficient to handle "international terrorism" because whatever remains will be reduced to an ordinary crime.

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