By William Markiewicz

Timesonline December 03, 2002 (Excerpt)

'Iraq has six days to avert war' says Bush
From Roland Watson in Washington

PRESIDENT BUSH said last night that the initial Iraqi response to UN weapons inspections was "not encouraging" as he left himself room to attack Baghdad even if the inspectors return empty-handed.


As Bush knows that Iraq has nothing to show, he has a pretext for the final "estoquada." I'll give an example of a NWO not so new; I'm not sure if I've written about it before but it doesn't hurt to repeat it. This is apparently a true story that happened in Russia shortly after the Revolution.

On a train journey, one old "babushka" started to scream: "I can't find my money, he stole it from me!" She pointed at a soldier sitting nearby. The soldier protested his innocence and the mob in the compartment assaulted him: "Give back the money or you'll die!" They didn't find it but convinced that he had hidden it well they threw him out the window of the moving train. Later on the woman started to cry: "I found my money, he was innocent!" "So you caused the death of an innocent soldier! You'll pay for it!" and they threw the woman through the window too. The NWO is a naked expression of ultimate power. Who would believe that in the 21st century we'd fall beneath the gorilla's level? An unjust comparison perhaps, as gorillas seem to be peaceful creatures.

Another example of how dangerous it may be not to please the stronger: Those strolling in dangerous areas know that they have to carry some money, otherwise the robbers will take their revenge.

To save their neighbour, maybe Pakistan could offer a nuke or two to Saddam, the Saudis could provide a few missiles, some friends from America may provide anthrax... OK I'm joking, but it is sad sarcastic humor because under the NWO you are punished for being innocent.

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