By William Markiewicz

The Spanish proverb says, "Hazte la fama y vete a la cama" (I hope I quote it correctly). In English: "Make your reputation and go to bed."

Years ago a "guru" reigned over the New York Stock Exchange. I don't have his name because I didn't suspect I would write about him. Nobody questioned his qualifications until he appeared one day wearing a long white robe and carrying a stick. Then the magic broke down.

Another example of the overwhelming power of reputation: Everybody knows that Geneva, Switzerland, is a crime free city. You can walk miles through deserted streets late at night, no police in sight. Reputation protects public security, as long as the charm lasts.

World peace, called 'Cold War', lasted decades. Everybody believed that East and West were equal powers until an idealist became leader of the USSR -- Gorbachev. Then the hidden truth appeared; the USSR was a clay giant and it collapsed, an unbelievable gift to the West. Gorbachev simply let the empire dissolve; democracy was born like an explosion. Gorbachev was so blinded by the vision of world fraternity to come that he neglected basic precautions. No formal assurances from the West for the newborn democratic Russia, just verbal promises. On the interior front he let the powerful steal the State's fortune, and so he found himself leader of a Russia totally ruined, disarmed, exposed to the West's wolf fangs. It was unpredictable but it was bound to happen. The West suddenly discovered its unlimited force and the hawks took power over humanists. Russia started to struggle for its life and against hunger that was one of the worst in its history. In spite of resistance from most of Europe, the hawks in the USA cast a shadow over the planet. The new Republican power in the Senate promises nothing good. Unless a miracle happens, Iraq and Iran will be swallowed -- and what next? Maybe the beginning of a 'black Millenium' with the Fourth Reich as a model. For instance, the Old/New World Order may destroy Israel when it's no longer useful. As in China capitalism functions under the official label of Communism, the label 'democracy' may coexist for awhile within the NWO.

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