By William Markiewicz

Albanian rebel group claims responsibility for grenade explosion

SKOPJE, Nov 1 (AFP) - A shadowy ethnic Albanian rebel group claimed responsibility Friday for a hand grenade explosion in front of the Macedonian parliament. The Albanian National Army (ANA) said in a statement that it was "determined without compromise to fight for an ethnically united Albania, a unique Albanian national state in the Balkans." ...


Macedonians, Bosnians have to live uncomfortably in constant tension, forced into unwanted marriages by the NWO. It's not enough to see how in Lebanon the Christians and the Muslims, after centuries of coexistence, jumped at each other's throats. History gives opposite examples but the circumstances were totally different. In antiquity, the Celts and Iberians united to form the Spanish nation. The Persians absorbed the Medes. The Anglos and the Saxons became Anglo-Saxons. In those epochs territorial attachments had not crystallized and nations or tribes of equal strength found a way to merge since both were 'immigrants' like today in the Americas. Others, like the Moors and Druze, carved out their own territories, and, because they came from a position of power, the neighbours accepted them. In Europe, in the Americas, the stronger invaders simply absorbed the weaker hosts. Those who started from a position of weakness, like the Jews and the Gypsies, were never able to ensure their own security; their existence had always been volatile, up to the ultimate disaster. King Alexander, with the best of good will, wanted to force Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Macedonians to become one Yugoslav nation. He didn't know that in the 20th century it was too late to form new nations. Now the NWO forces Muslims and Croats in Bosnia, Macedonians and Albanians in Macedonia, to live together. Have the NWO powerholders tried living in forced marriages or neighborhoods themselves? Only immigrants can live mixed and live well -- as long as it lasts. The nineteenth century Polish poet Cyprian Norwid, was definitely not a 'reactionary,' was friendly to Jews in his poetry and spent most of his life abroad as a political refugee. Still, he wrote:

There is no agreement
When in one country dwell two living nations
You will not reduce their desires; you will not increase their territories
One has to cede -- the guest or the host.

In Poland, after over 1000 years, the 'guest' 'ceded', annihilated by foreign invasion. In Bosnia, Krajina, Kosovo, the 'host' had to leave and to endure the mud spilled on them by the whole world while being driven out. Macedonia and Bosnia, thanks to the NWO, hold forever, like angry wasps' nests, the potential for future wars.

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