By William Markiewicz

Small Satan is North Korea. This Stalinist prison boldly accepts Capitalist help for its starving nation while simultaneously bragging about nukes to the USA. And the USA doesn't react, no oil in North Korea. All the thunderstorms are reserved for Iraq while Iran waits its turn. Phantasmagoric accusations of hidden arms and links to international terrorism ("international" -- doesn't it sound familiar?) are used to justify attacks on those obviously unable to defend themselves. Such accusations are handy as they can target anybody and little proof, if any, is needed. Goering said, "Who is a Jew -- I decide" and Big Satan decides whose turn it is and when. Even if "guilt" is bluntly admitted, the Big Satan turns a blind eye on the Small Satan.

In the Cold War days, Nato's call to arms was used in the name of the fight for freedom but the choice was arbitrary. Some dictators, no matter how bloody, were acceptable. Only those on the Communist side were singled out. The West never supported the struggle for freedom in Latin America; only one villain, Fidel Castro, was selected: Noriega was ousted as too nationalistic when he was no longer needed. As we in the West still live -- thank God -- in democracy, the political games are not so secret, but the PR manipulators patronise the public, treating them like the village idiot by giving them predigested food for thought. Who cares that destroyed villages in Afghanistan are a much bigger crime than whatever happened between enemy factions in the Balkans? Whoever considered that Latin American dictatorships were no better than Communist ones? Later on nobody cares even if the truth is disclosed.

Russia has escaped the voracious NWO appetite due to unbelievable good luck (read "War in Afghanistan and Russia" -- November-December 01 and "Russia to Nato!" -- March-April 02). Libya escapes because Europe has interests there. Cuba escapes, perhaps, because 'public opinion' likes to vacation there. Can Iraq and later Iran escape? More difficult. Many improbable events would have to happen at once; Saddam Hussein would have to step down to save his country from destruction. It wouldn't be enough. A Middle Eastern and Central Asian equivalent of Nato and the European Union should be formed quickly ad hoc. The name "Islamic" should be avoided; Nato and the EU don't present themselves as "Christian." Then Iraq would have to open its frontiers to this new Union and its armies. If such a miracle happened I think it would impede an invasion of Iraq and Iran. The Middle East and Central Asia would then step into an active role in international politics. Instead of being seen as only a target they might start to be solicited as allies. Pure fantasy? If reality offers doom it's time to turn toward miracle.

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