By William Markiewicz

According to Afghan Islamic Press, the Taliban spokesman Mullah Amir Khan Muttaqi warned Russia not to get involved in Afghanistan affairs. He says that the Soviet Union was divided as a result of the previous war in Afghanistan and, with more interference, Russia will be "divided into more parts." But Russia becomes involved in Afghanistan precisely in order to safeguard its parts.

For Russia, the war in Afghanistan couldn't come at a better moment. On one hand, the fall of any Islamic stronghold plays into Russian interests because the Chechens will lose one of the pillars of their resistance. As for the USA and its Nato, they represent more potential danger to Russia than any Islamic power. Russia constantly feels targeted in Washington's sights. The riches Russia holds are too tempting to the stronger power. The question is not whether there will be a war, only when. Now Russia takes advantage of the opportunity she got to jump into the Afghanistan war as an uninvited US ally. In this way she forces the US into a friendship that the US had no interest in forging, which permits Russia to win precious time. This situation won't last forever; The NWO won't let the tasty morsel escape with some trick of imposed 'friendship.' But imperialistic designs will be considerably retarded.

Russia and China can expect hard times far ahead. For the nearer future the more pressing question will appear: Once the Afghan war is over, which other country will be pointed out, right or wrong, as a nest of international terrorism?

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