By William Markiewicz

Ouspensky, in his book "In Search of the Miraculous", wrote '...now the Bolsheviks shoot at the crowd -- they test their power' (quoted from memory).

US pilots bombed a convoy of tribal elders headed for Kabul to participate in forming a democratic pro-Western, pro-American government for Afghanistan's new era. It must have been a brutal awakening for the Afghans, especially the Pashtuns, to learn what to expect from the 'western devils.' Why especially Pashtuns? Because Uzbeks have Uzbekistan, Tadjiks have Tadjikistan, etc. while Pashtuns have to share power in Afghanistan in an unwanted partnership of all parties. The US insists that they bombed a Taliban convoy; they had a similar excuse when they bombed the Albanian civilian convoy in Kosovo, mistaking them for Serbs. Yes, mistakes happen, especially when it's done by push-button pilots at astronomical heights above their targets. Maybe they feel like they are still operating their safe and dramatic videogames in 'cybercafes.' Notice that those collateral mistakes go on and on, meaning there may be a method in the madness. What clues do we have other than the 'monotonous' repetitiveness of those mistakes? -- Precisely the monotony of it, meaning that those reports rarely receive major attention in the media because 'world opinion' doesn't give a damn. The convoys, the villages, fall into ashes; we learn the chilly lesson that collateral damage and final solutions are not so far from each other. Genocide of Armenians, of Ukrainian and Russian 'kulaks,' of counted and uncounted millions of Jews in Europe, massacre of 'intellectuals' (because they wore glasses!) in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge, and so on, show those who hold power that final solutions are the cheap and discreet way to get rid of the unwanted; no need for prisons and no witnesses left. As for collateral damage, though embarrassing, it's quickly forgiven and forgotten. So, lets forget the labels; left wing, right wing, Taliban, NWO -- all use similar methods to reach power, only the technology advances.

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