By William Markiewicz

Washington didn't want the Northern Alliance to enter Kabul before a government of national unity was formed in Afghanistan. They are following the path they took in Bosnia and Macedonia. Over the corpse of Yugoslavia, the NWO de facto endorsed ethnically cleansed Croatia, Slovenia and Kosovo. But in Bosnia, and later in Macedonia, they favored multi-ethnic societies headed by a government of national unity. Nobody asked the local guinea pigs' opinion. Now, without a big mental effort, the NWO wants to transplant the 'national unity' concept to big, indomitable, mountainous Afghanistan.

It's good that people are dancing and hearing music again on the streets of Kabul. It's good that women can show their faces and start to participate fully as persons in society. But, regarding the 'national unity' concept: If common Slavic linguistic and historic roots didn't create harmony among Yugoslavs, then Afghanistan, populated with tribes that are totally strangers to each other, literally begs for partition along ethnic lines. How easy it would be to have a world 'without history' where the elements fell into place as in a puzzle! But power has its own ways. International terrorism was not a reason to start a war against Yugoslavia; the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, are all fields for the same game where oil and pipelines are at the end of the line. The final goal is to establish submissive governments as in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, where, as we know, democracy flourishes...

In Afghanistan, as elsewhere, religion is an appendix to the true local motifs, which are national. It's not over yet. Bin Laden or not, Taliban or not, other Pashtuns, less religious but just as nationalistic, will follow the same struggle. The Pashtuns oppose the invasion of Uzbecks and Tadjiks; as a matter of fact they lead the same fight their ancestors led against Genghis Khan. History strangely repeats itself: the Venetians, for business reasons, supported the Ordes invasion. Now the Americans do the same and, like a joke, they call it a support for 'national unity.' Only the division of Afghanistan along ethnic lines will accord some human dimension to the American action in there.

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