(World's "Castaneda Warrior Dance"?)

By William Markiewicz

Let's imagine the worst of scenarios:

The first victim was Rabin. The second soon will be Arafat. Bush is dropping out of the missile treaty. One can break any treaty with somebody weaker. Attacks on rogue countries seem imminent, whatever the order may be. Russia and China know what awaits them because they are in no position for an arms race with the NWO.

Ad hoc terrorists under ad hoc leaderships will chaotically attack here and there. Each point on the earth, from military industrial complexes to baby cradles may well be a battleground. The world may burn from cities to jungles and regimes switch from anarchy to dictatorship and vice versa. Until now we've never seen an officially undemocratic USA. What form will it take if it happens? The aggressive NWO and the remnants of democracy will, for a long time, scuffle in a power struggle. As often happens in wartime, in the name of peace and justice they may compete to surpass each other in cruelty and lawlessness.

There have been many apocalyptic situations in history. The difference now is that perhaps we REALLY have the physical means to destroy the planet. Tiberius said to Caligula: "Rome deserves you." Maybe this Darwinian monster called humanity (anything too domineering unavoidably becomes monstrous, from rabbits in Australia to humanity on Earth) has really grown too powerful for this vulnerable planet.

PS I just saw the bits of bin Laden tape on TV. I don't know how authentic it is, I only know that we, the gullible public, will always be manipulated when it comes to an exclusive, one-sided testimony. Among other things, my bitter aftertaste derives from the fact that Christiane Amanpour was among the narrators, still in business after her performance as a reporter in the Balkan war.

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