By William Markiewicz

Al-Qaeda 70 per cent intact, says FBI official

Washington: Hundreds of highly trained members of Osama bin Laden's
al-Qaeda network remain scattered throughout the globe, capable of
launching more terrorist attacks if the United States and its allies
fail to root out the organization's "middle management", FBI officials
have told Congress.
The anti-terrorist world operation is one more crusade, like those of the past, which first of all demonstrated the power of the crusader. The conquistadors always acted in the name of some superior mission: faith, civilization, class, race, you name it. Profit and ambition triggered most of the crusades, and the victors called their defeated and still struggling opponents rebels. Today they call them terrorists. With a minimum of good will, the causes of terror could be eliminated without military interventions:

1. Convince the Israeli settlers to leave the territories universally recognized in Oslo as Palestinian.

2. The imperialistic giants should restrain their gargantuan appetites toward the weaker. The Western powers are not short of cash; normal and honest business would be much cheaper than the present exploitations supported by war games. Very often the powerful, like alcoholics or drug addicts, don't know when enough is enough. We're not talking about the Third World only, but even the ex-communist countries are treated like colonies. The Marshall Plan brought a working conception of world cooperation, too bad that the collapse of Communism didn't trigger the same political enlightenment as the collapse of Nazism 60 years ago. So we may live the next 1000 years (a matter of speech) of wars and revolts which certainly will be named terrorism, while the planet will become harder to live on. People get used to the worst, like rats in a sewer, therefore there wont be much chance, even in dreams, of returning to the "lost paradise" (our times!) because only legends will tell how was it many years ago.

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