By William Markiewicz

The success of moderates in the elections in Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia, proves that the population at large is tired of wars and begins to think in terms of 'modus vivendi.' If this doesn't apply to the Bosnian Serbs it's because the Bosnian Serbs are defeated; they feel besieged and threatened in their very existence. But this doesn't mean that the moderates want to live together as their name 'multiethnic' indicates and as the NWO master experimenters wish them to do.

The NWO relationship with the Balkans reminds me of how the boyars exercised power over their serfs in Czarist Russia. I remember reading about a boyar who, drunk, decided there weren't enough babies on his estate and ordered the priest to marry people in alphabetic order. When the priest objected that people should be consulted, that there were older women, young boys and vice versa the boyar threatened terrible reprisals, denouncing the priest for made-up crimes. So it was a day of hell; the village was full of tears, swearing and screams. By dusk people were tired, everything slowly calmed down and marriages were performed. Certainly people found a way to get around this situation and there must have been many unconsummated marriages and infidelities.

The citizens of the protectorate of Kosovo, in mini-states of Bosnia, and to a certain extent in Macedonia, are in a similar situation to those peasants in pre-Revolutionary Russia, this time in the name of 'democracy.' The vivisectionists, armed with their power and totally indifferent to local history and traditions, experiment in creating an ideal universe according to their theories. People are ordered to learn how to live together with the 'well-wishing' oppressor standing over them. Wherever wrong people, wrong parties are elected, the Gauleiters will reign more directly until they get bored and tired of their own madness.

Somebody may remark that those people lived together peacefully under Communism. Precisely because they are no longer under Communism, they want to exercise their freedom in all aspects including coexistence.

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