By William Markiewicz

The present elections mean no real news. Nothing will change no matter who wins, no topic for modern Homers. The routine goes on: economy stable, conflicts painful but localized, prosperity and superpower on one side, misery on the other side. Long term projects are set up like a perfect chess game, conquest under the euphemism 'intervention' through the NWO's crushing roller. We live, really, in neo-Roman times. Public awareness of foreign affairs, a product of media propaganda, seems to be a crossbreed between Walt Disney and Club Med. Information has become entertainment, an extension of bread and circuses. Is the present 'Pax Romana' a fool's paradise? Indeed, our cosmopolitan society offers the most rewarding existence; various cultures, various experiences, various philosophies are not only pleasant but enlightening. Still, history shows us that the picture lacks stability; at the slightest economic turmoil, the people suddenly forget coexistence and start jumping at each others' throats, along ethnic lines. Even mixed marriages don't help; sons usually take the father's ethnic/religious extraction, while the daughters often take the mother's side. It doesn't mean war within the family, but outside it takes its toll. But this is another topic.

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