BARAK RESIGNED (continuation)

By William Markiewicz

The peace factions refuse to unite thus leaving the playground to the warlord Sharon. The spirit of war burns high; the protagonists feel safe under the American umbrella. The spirit of peace will show up when the umbrella disappears -- too late.

How is it that, after more than fifty years of their state's existence, the citizens don't even consider bearing the weight of responsibility for their future? The people have a fortress mentality with no regard for politics. While everybody knows more or less what to expect from the Americans (because of their power and their freedom), from the French, the Germans, the English, the Italians, nobody knows what to expect from the Israelis. That's because it's the commonwealth of culture that keeps individuals together as a people and it takes centuries to develop a people's characteristics. The Nazis wiped out the Jewish people with their vibrant Yiddish culture.. Israel has about one million North African Jews of Arab and Berber culture and one million Russian Jews who for the most part are Jews in name only. How do those Arabo-Russians run the Jewish state under the American umbrella? -- With ephemeral successes from day to day and no vision for the future. I feel like a Jeremias ...

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