By William Markiewicz

On the occasion of Clinton's recent visit to Russia, Republican sources criticised the President's handling of U.S.--Russian relations. The critics want to keep "the Russian Bear in hibernation" indefinitely. Obsessed with the Russian Bear, they forget any latent potential threat from the Chinese Dragon as well as from the Muslim Djinn. The U.S. and the whole Western world participate actively in reinforcing the might of China by intense commercial relations. During the Cold War the U.S. actively awakened the Muslim Djinn by arming and training those who are today's Mujahadeen, Hezbollah, etc. A New York Times Letter to the Editor of April 17th, "Iran-to-Bosnia Arms Transfer is Old News", notes how many millions of dollars went to Bosnia from Muslim sources. As we know the money flood from the U.S. remains classified information. It's unheard of in history for a small nation to receive enough heavy weaponry to virtually stick from the pores of each inhabitant -- and more. What will they do with all those weapons? Will they try to conquer all of Bosnia? They've already taken possession of around 30 per cent of Serbian land and not all the Bosnian Muslims are happy about it. Muslim Bosnia doesn't have enough inhabitants to populate all of Bosnia unless they import Muslims from Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Mujahadeen countries. We know from the media that the Mujahadeen fighters in Bosnia became Bosnians and practically melted into the local population. The Bosnian government may also need those weapons to control its own people who don't want to endorse the Iranian line toward which their country seems to be heading. Fikret Abdic represented those Muslims who wanted to stay in Europe and he showed that the Muslims, the Serbs and the Croats can live in harmony. No future historian will ever understand why he was so vehemently opposed by the West.

The "Russian Bear" traditionally represented a natural counter balance against the Chinese Dragon and the Muslim Djinn because it shares common borders with them. Is this why the Republicans are so much against Russia? The USA and Russia never had conflicts -- the fight was against Communism, not against Russia. So, how can those Republicans justify their inclination to destroy the natural political equilibrium and a potential natural ally?

Queen Victoria said that if people knew how little brain is needed to govern them, they would refuse to obey. 

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