By William Markiewicz

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, in Brussels, accuses Russia of giving secret help to the Ukrainian rebels in East Ukraine. Perhaps yes, perhaps no – probably yes. The difference is that the Western world is doing it openly. For those who find it convenient, legality favours united countries even sacrificing important parts of the population, calling all of them terrorists. It’s very easy to use the label ‘terrorist.’ The Prime Minister demands immediate tough sanctions on Russia, which is not officially involved. Tough sanctions may be the first chapter of an act of war, this time to save Western Ukraine from the East Ukrainian terrorists, meaning practically the whole population of this region. As a stated reason is often a pretext, there must be other reasons to liquidate the existence of the Ukrainian rebels and their Russian ally. The true reason -- the World Order has to be changed. We live in a complex universe where Westerners and Easterners cannot live on the same planet. What is strange to me is that Canada, which has no business in the conflict, enthusiastically participates for unclear reasons.

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