By William Markiewicz

The Soviets, in giving freedom to the Soviet Republics and becoming “Russia”, showed that Russia is not imperialistic. The invasion of Georgia meant liberation to Ossetians and Abkhazians. Today, who is the aggressor? Serbia? Eastern Ukraine? Russia?

If Russia were stronger, today Serbia would be a proud country among neighbours, without the series of insults and humiliations. If Russia were stronger, the Western Ukrainians wouldn’t be digging the ground under the feet of the Eastern Ukrainians, making them either second class citizens in their ancestral land or turning them into a wave of political refugees. By doing what they want in Serbia and Ukraine the Western World discloses Russia’s intrinsic weakness, endangering Russia. Obama is the last person to want war but in the eyes of his friends and enemies he must show himself to be ‘patriotic.’ Putin, excellent politician, is well aware of this.

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