Antisemitic Rally in Hungary

By William Markiewicz

One of the slogans in the MayAntisemitic Rally in Hungary 4th Budapest demonstration was: "Down with Zionism!" Zionism concerns Jews and Palestinians -- but why Hungarians? Jews from Biblical times blindly followed God's command to reach the Holy Land. Other nations, tribes, followed their own Gods towards mythical/metaphysical fatherlands. Among religious Jews, Hassidim rejected Zionism, not because they didn't desire the Promised Land but because following their creed, the Jews have to wait until God decides to offer it as a gift. But in the Darwinian universe, the Gods don't offer gifts but indicate directions toward their goals. The Biblical Jews knew it and conquered the Holy Land by themselves. The Diaspora Jews forgot their Darwinian duty of self-reliance and brought mostly their weakness to Europe. The Hungarians, like many others, remember that. In the Darwinian world, weakness is tolerated only in offspring. Other weakness provokes disdain, and disdain provokes hatred.

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