What About the Chaotic Arab Spring?

By William Markiewicz

Saddam Hussein was a dictator. Still, Iraq was surprisingly modern regarding freedom of religion and the status of women. People drank alcohol on the street, and women had freedom of profession and dress. Now Iraq is democratic (?) and the suicide bombers represent the return of Iraq to the dominance of religious life. Iran, with some cosmetic tolerance, is in religious chains. Afghanistan is on the way to a Taliban victory with religious rigor, the women reduced to illiteracy, to function as flesh and household service. Egypt, on the way to democracy, has voted for the religious party with incalculable consequences. In the meantime it remains a military dictatorship. Libya seems to be partitioned into tribal dictatorships. Then why does the West support the rebels, and Russia and China the status quo? Perhaps because Russia and China were never a model for democracy and the West is for democracy even when it is not functional. Also, perhaps the not-so-idealistic West will try to find an entrance into the predicted chaos. I prefer their Darwinism to the Russian and Chinese one.

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