Obama's "Polish Camps"

By William Markiewicz

Obama is neither anti-Polish nor pro-Nazi. Worse things happened than Obama's serious gaffe and were never commented on. Letís start with the Polish emissary Jan Karski who came to the West with the first official report of the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews. I don't remember who among the allied politicians answered him: "Sir, we will win this war..." As far as I know the topic of Holocaust was not pursued in the conversation. If that was not brushing aside by his interlocutors I don't know what it was. This non-involvement was similar to the non-bombardment of the railways which led the millions of Jews from all over Europe to the gas chambers. If the railroads had been destroyed, the extermination would have been greatly reduced and the allies must have known it. At present, memories of the Holocaust disappear almost as fast as the crematoria smoke did. Many neo-Nazis live comfortably, popular among their former enemies, and the greatest extermination in human history may persist mostly among the survivors.

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