Austerity? Market Economy? Or a Third Solution?

By William Markiewicz

Today the countries in trouble are encouraged by the stronger powers to apply austerity measures mostly to pay debts. The main sources of income may be from restriction of social expenses and taxing of upper income groups.

Open market
The open market economy supporters consider that free initiative free of taxes, with capital at business’ disposal, will create more jobs and develop a new economy.

The adversaries of open market philosophy consider that the wealthy will stash their assets in banks for interest, which means a stagnant economy, and/or invest massively in creating new initiatives that will harm the environment. More assets, more population will always mean fewer trees, less oxygen and a planet that shrinks under our feet.

And what if BOTH sides are right?

Austerity to open market is to go from one precipice to another. Then, with simple logic, I propose a third solution: very often simple solutions have made a notable change. I repeat my previous examples – Israeli Uzi gun that revolutionized gun production and DeGaulle’s solution to boost France’s economy by cutting zeroes from the franc. Then, the simple solution could be, as the Dalai Lama said in an interview with Piers Morgan: “Humanity must unite.” In my view, the most important factor to resolve would be: to reduce by common agreement the human global population. The planet Earth is not the size of Jupiter, population cannot grow infinitely. It must be stopped and it is high time. Then, the unavoidable solution of supply and demand could be applied. Otherwise sooner or later Earth will know the fate of the Easter or Canary Islands.

Once I assisted in a discussion of two friends, active members of unions, and they gave a very professional description of the constant fight in negotiations of unions with government from one side and with their own labour members on the other side. They talked about discussions between the negotiators: It is always maximum profit for us: no considerations for society, for country, for planet. It was purely a Darwinian struggle like between wolves fighting for their own pack. Humanity -- when united -- will see the bigger picture and fight for it. The population must stop growing; the planet must be left to bloom.

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