Allies May Be as Dangerous as Foes!

By William Markiewicz

Why? Because with allies one never knows how long the friendship may last.

The best situation is peace because peace means non involvement while ‘friendships’ depend on many factors and can be more unbalanced. “Friendship” is also unsecure especially if one side depends on it more than the other. For the United States, friendship with Israel is more a matter of interior influences while for Israel, friendship is a means of survival. And also it’s more important to grow in power than to weaken the enemy’s power like depriving Iran of its nuclear potential.

For its own sake, Israel should proudly announce that it possesses nuclear weapons. Secrecy is not an asset for Israel. Only power and openness and, what comes next, peace, can reinforce Israel. Non-involving, emotionally free, peace. Negotiations toward peace, means Israel’s readiness to return the West Bank to Palestinians and Golan to Syrians. Keeping those territories with the solid backing of the United States can offer only temporary relief but not assurance of peaceful coexistence.

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