By William Markiewicz

Yesterday, BBC TV showed a series of war crimes photos in their report on General Mladic's arrest. The videos and photos were disturbing. Authentic? Perhaps who knows? Why weren't they shown before? We know from official sources that such testimonies didn't exist before. Without discussing authenticity, I want to criticize the ways that Serbian acts were investigated.

I believe it was Holbrooke, who, to the question of how he got information about Serb atrocities, answered: "we have excellent journalists who give us this priceless information." This is the most twisted way to get information I have ever heard. Traditionally the job of the press is to report about sources, and not to BE the sources themselves. Their methods were completely unprofessional; they never verified the credibility of the witnesses but took for granted whatever they heard and from whom. They didn't consult witnesses from both sides. Without experiencing danger themselves they collected testimonies in the comfort of hotels and cafeterias. The scandalous "advocacy journalism" became respectable, blindly accepted by powers that be and the general public. How could it have been taken seriously? Because it was politics, not information, a cold blooded "final solution" for one side.

And why was it done so easily? The Serbs, who had powerful enemies, were the only weak target available. Nazism had passed long ago like a bad dream, and former enemies (Allies and Axis) became buddy-buddy. So, there was a great number who never forgot that the Serbs took "the wrong side" in WW2. There were not too many in Europe like the Serbs; Serbs were the most determined ones in otherwise mostly "lukewarm" Europe. So, from former ally and victor, Serbs became the defeated enemy enduring interminable punishment. A few years ago I met a young man who told me he was Montenegrin. I told him: "then you are Serb!" He put a finger to his lips: "shhh", like the Jews -- hiding their identity. For me the Serbs have become "the Jews of the 21st century."

Then why are so many anti-Nazis also anti-Serb? Read my opinion in Golem ...

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