By William Markiewicz

A long time ago, I read a story about an Oriental king who wanted to learn what happiness is. He assembled wizards and philosophers from his realm, asking them for an answer with a warning that a wrong answer would forfeit one’s life. I don’t remember how many wizards passed before him with their opinions. I remember only one, who said to him: “Happiness is power; you are happy, O King.” The King sneered: “Me? Happy when my body itches all over?” and the king said to the guards, “Finish with him!” Finally, a true wizard, in the author’s view, stood before the King and said: “Happiness resides in the mind. It is a space of infinite freedom.” The King said, “I will put you in prison and let’s see how your happy mind reacts.” After some time the King called him back. “So, how did you feel?” The true wizard answered: “Very good. In my thoughts I travelled, I enjoyed, I dreamed.” The angry King said: “I will kill you and we’ll see where your happy mind goes.” The true wizard answered: “You fool. The mind is immortal.”

The wizard and the King were standing on different positions; the wizard took happiness as a concept and the King, as a concrete reality. Here, I throw the ball to Glenn Borchardt (Vagabond issue of July-August 2009) for whom the hologram is simultaneously concept and realisation, which remains a mystery for me.

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