By William Markiewicz

Various theories circulate around Obama. Some see in him a Muslim, some a Socialist; all this, generously cooked in the sauce of conspiracy theory. In my view, Obama is neither Muslim nor Socialist. He talks nicely to Muslims and about Islam just because he is a man of peace and he believes that a peaceful solution will bring results, contrary to the bombastic style of Palin and McCaine who think that power resolves everything. Concerning Socialism, the bailout, was reluctantly accepted by anti-Socialists Ė including Bush. Politicians know that theory and practice donít always match. Obamaís initial success with the Muslim world was bound to fade because nice words canít settle everything. The most essential things remain unresolved. U.S. action in Iraq and Afghanistan continue and the situation with Palestine, Syria and the Golan Heights remains static. The horror off the Louisiana coast was a tremendous whiplash for Obamaís political/economic progress. Obamaís success apparently depends on hard-to-achieve changes in the Middle East and Central Asia. Even with this, there will remain enough trouble caused by the oil drilling disaster. Coming back to foreign policy matters like future development of China or Russia, a sort of nightmare for Palin and McCaine, I donít think Obama ignores the problems ahead but, as Eisenhower underlined, preventive wars are never a solution. So letís resolve the problems as they come.

Obama, probably as a concession to the Conservatives, continues the fight in Central Asia. He has no other choice but to stop it as soon as possible while finding a way to save American prestige after the disastrous military actions started by his predecessors, from Yugoslavia to Central Asia. Roots for the salvation of America are in America, not in adventurous dancing throughout the world.

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