By William Markiewicz

The answer depends on the questioner. For the craftsman and scientist, the question is how it’s built; from the artistic, literary point of view, how it acts on you. For the philosopher the question will be: What is its essence? From a materialistic point of view, “life” may not exist as something different from anything else. It is particles, energy, matter, functioning in their own way as many mechanisms do. The movement of the planets can be poetically described as a ‘life’ of its own. For the spiritualist there is a spirit of life, difficult to define. We know that we exist – but do we? (Remember “Matrix”?) Certain new inventions, certain old beliefs, make us doubt our very existence and what is real and unreal. The present mega-invention of artificial life is definitely a step forward to new possibilities with advantages and risks while the eternal universal enigma remains.

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