By William Markiewicz

I read in one forum: "Öwe'll still be demonized. That doesn't mean we shouldn't at least try doing damage control ...." I wonít go into the details of the matter because what interests me here is the psychological aspect of "damage control" in general.

In the courts, legal aspects are of primary importance; rigid means are applied to avoid manipulation of the truth (which doesnít necessarily mean they succeed). In day to day life, itís psychology that influences public opinion, thus "sophism" and money play the primordial role in success on the public stage. I think I'm right when I claim that in these conditions we will never know the total truth.

The strong and powerful are satisfied with what they already know and are not otherwise interested in the truth. Let's talk to the weak, to the designated victims of the situation. In their miserable condition they choose, in general, to negotiate and they don't want to know that they have put their neck in advance into the noose. They negotiate for immediate benefits which disguise the darkest perspectives for the future. Even if they win rights of legal equality, they don't see the invisible, pervasive, and perfidious lethal gas of public opinion which can poison their life, impossible to catch and fight legally because so ephemeral. Already in the schools when colleagues, students and professors are against you because of bad opinions about your antecedents, the only possible reaction from the victimized kids would be to fight for their honor and take the resulting punishments, or to hide their origins and suffer doubts about "who is right." The end of the road lurks, because there is no future possible.

Or is it so? I know nobody in History who overcame a similar situation. Still, a theoretical solution may be possible; letís imagine stubborn victims who hold together as if in a fortress, and, instead of convincing, accuse. The French proverb claims "qui s'excuse s'accuse" another proverb claims that attack is the best defense. Instead of losing time and forces trying to be intellectually right, in the Darwinian universe be as crude and insulting as your adversaries are. At least you will stir the noise and you wonít be considered a hypocritical beggar. Will you be successful? Perhaps. But at least you'll be engaged in an honorable fight.

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