By William Markiewicz

The planet possesses the living world and the human, with his skill, possesses the world. We don't need to know the intimate nature of energy and matter to know how to handle them, which we do. Science teaches us that matter is composed of atoms and the difference between atoms is a matter of the number of electrons. So, quality is really determined by quantity. We are creating complexity with basically simple components. Stones, put together, give complex architecture. Colours and lines put together form masterpieces of beauty and utility. The same goes, for instance, with sounds. All that is accessible to the senses, to minds, metabolism, motor skills, we manipulate.

What we, the living ones, all have in common is that while we exist in total familiarity with the world we fit into we are eternally bordering the wall of ignorance about our ultimate reality, meaning energy and matter. We know from Einstein that matter is energy, and energy, matter, which doesn't explain more.

Philosophies, psychology, express opinions which push the question further away rather than explaining anything. Ultimate reality, its explanation, becomes a matter of politics; those more powerful have "their" own explanation. Politics has always been darwinistic; the stronger end by being right even if reality says the contrary. For instance, we don't need empires, dictatorships, and they install themselves through brutal power or demagogies.

With tools of power we create theories, religions, superiority/inferiority roles If for religions the weaker are inferior (women!), within philosophies we create unnecessary complications. For instance, we create marriage councils while the Kama Sutra explains everything more simply and efficiently. Politics and sociology invite us to high flown analyses often far from simple, satisfying solutions.

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