(How not to be bored if over Earth's Globe
Millions of silent stars shine - Norwid)


By William Markiewicz

His universe is his vital space, his home, his planet, his country, and he is surrounded by infinity which escapes all measure and imagination. Immeasurable empty space between celestial bodies of inconceivable size, mostly turning in their own orbits, and if they happen to meet and collide, it would be a spectacle of unimaginable scope and noise which nobody would see or hear. Itís going on forever. His own planet is so tiny that there isnít even a scale of comparison to the rest of the universe. This tiny planet is buzzing with the activity of life. Life creates unimaginable shapes, colours, activities, making Earth a gem that surpasses anything in the immensity of space and eternity.

Why such an unbelievable wealth of diversity in this tiny space while the rest of the universe is just a repetition of any calculable phenomena? Why a teeny tiny planet, a gem, facing an infinite universal junkyard? Why does energy-matter Ė energy-matter fill up infinity, turning in orbits, sometimes clashing explosively? Which God would like to reign over an infinite junkyard plus one gem too small for any comparisons? What is this energy-matter, energy-matter, with its extremes?

We have enough preoccupations on our little planet with our little existences. We see immensity that surrounds us, especially on starry nights. We face Immensity, Eternity, Energy and Matter - and so what? Finally, Voltaire defined the ultimate meaning of our existence: we have to cultivate our garden.

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