By William Markiewicz

The European Union decided to sign a key pre-membership deal (SAA) with Serbia in Luxembourg.

I repeat: I have no partiality toward the Serbs. I like most of their history, I like their culture. I donít like their quick temper and difficult character; I donít have the steel nerves of certain friends of Serbia. I am against the completely stupid and unjust invasion of small and undeserving Serbia by the USA and its vassals. Yugoslavia and Greece were the only active anti Nazi fighters in the Balkans during WW2. Now the roles have changed; the former enemies became allies and Serbia is excluded and called the evil one.

This is what I would say in Kostunicaís place: Milosevic was an innocent patriot, he and his country, victim of invasion. From the close of the war in 1999 and up to now, the only noble thing the Serbs achieved was their refusal to hand over Mladic and Karadzic to the corrupt court of The Hague. If Serbia, after the election, continues following in the pathway of the defeated and humiliated for a plate of lentils, I will emigrate. This will no longer be my Serbia. I am sorry for my past mistakes.

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By William Markiewicz