By William Markiewicz

The mostly young "pro Europeans" in Serbia don't like Europe, they like only themselves. They didn't like Nato bombing Serbia but they took its side with their Otpor demonstrations. They follow the winner thinking it will give them advantages. They still don't know, they'll have to learn it on their own skin, that the defeated remain defeated. They are devoid of all ideology, educated on a cynical, sterile foundation. Noble sentiments toward their country, their culture, their spirit have no influence on them. But the defeated remain defeated. They will have to learn it the hard way. Always, throughout history, the youth followed the dominant world leaders Alexander the Great, Roman Empire, Napoleon, etc. had foreign cohorts who looked for adventure, for new worlds, new impressions. But they always came from respected societies and were welcomed. The Serb youth who favour Tadic, and Tadic himself, forget that they were the first nation other than, perhaps, the Jews, to be publicly smashed, humiliated and more than humiliated, had spit in their face remember "assholes", "pig merchants", etc. etc.. Germany was defeated, occupied and judged but always treated in a civil way after the Second World War. After the First World War there was a certain humiliation imposed which apparently created Hitler. Serbia wont create a Hitler. They think they will find in the European Union, in Nato, a huge welcome just as Gorbachev expected when he offered himself to the West as to brothers. He was cruelly deceived and the Russian Federation passed through one of the worst and most dangerous periods in its history. And the danger continues; America is too strong and Russia "too big" the leitmotif after the fall of the Soviet Union. The young Serbs, educated, living with their families abroad, already know that it isn't funny to be Serbs there. They are insulted in the schools by fellow students, even teachers. They learn to hide their identity. Sound familiar? Before taking partnership in Europe or wherever, Serbs first must show bravery and defiance in the hurricane of lies that still smothers them. There is no other way to get rid of it than to fight back, if not physically, morally, against the slander.

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