By William Markiewicz

Tired of politics, switching to eternity.

A  note I saw in some scientific text stated that the point of departure for the Big Bang's explosion was a hundred times smaller than the dot at the end of this sentence. Our almost infinite size cosmos was engendered from a hardly noticeable point! In some way it echoes the Biblical version about a God creating the mighty  universe from nothingness. God creating the world, the Big Bang exploding the world -- can both mean the same thing? The Big Bang's original particle is still situated in space, still material, even if we don't know the nature of the matter which, from a tiny size, exploded into a universal size, dotted with all forms of energy. It's still physical, it's still obeying its own mechanical laws, it's still non-conscious. Dotted with the genesis's powers attributed to God, it is not a god. Then where does its power come from? The Big Bang left  proofs of its undeniable existence. God we know through the faith of the believers. We are facing two unresolved mysteries.

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