By William Markiewicz

Some liberal circles reproach Stephane Dion with being a weak leader, not authoritarian enough. This is what Iíd reply if I were in his place:

"We live in enlightened Canadian society where the leader's arguments are more important than the authoritarian spark in his eyes and tone of voice. I am here to tell Canadians what is wrong with Harperís policy not with his personality.

Starting war in distant lands where we have no business with them nor they with us is a wrong, very wrong, thing to do. Not worth a human life, not worth even spending a cent. Letís think of all we could do with those billions wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unlike many other places Ė Darfur for example -- they didnít even ask us for help. In their majority, they hate us and see us as invaders not benefactors.

Environment: There are many critics of Harperís administration. He plays with Mother Nature as with some diplomatic opponent. When the alarm clock rings we have to believe that itís late. Changing laws wonít be of great help. You canít force individuals and groups to restrain themselves. You become unpopular, thatís all. You have to persuade, to convince and we are ready for the challenge."

Talking until now in terms of an imaginary Stephane Dion speech, I'll add something from my own point of view: We live in a world of increased aggressivity where bravery, military attitude, discipline, play a predominant role in which we forget the IQ of our leaders. The leaders are not here to impose themselves on their subordinates and our society. This is infantilism. We want a leader who thinks and convinces by his arguments. The old fashioned diplomats knew how to play the game of democracy better than we, the modern ones, obsessed with machismo. Therefore, I'd propose to the Liberals: give Stephane Dion his chance. Listen to what he has to say and don't watch how he says it.

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