By William Markiewicz

We believe that Tony Blair’s intentions were good and that he did a lot of good for his country but in which twisted mind could be born intentions concerning unprovoked invasions? Napoleon, a brutal conqueror but also a reformer; carried the ideas of the French Revolution on his banners to mostly authoritarian Europe. Hitler and Mussolini modernized their countries. If they’d stopped there and abandoned conquest, history would give a more positive judgment. Tony Blair, like George Bush, and now Steven Harper, has joined the good/bad tandem. Love for war, belief in their own superiority, create conditions for war based on ideology. The adversaries the tandem faced were deceptively weak; they were weak enough not to have weapons of mass destruction and strong enough to resist. Logically speaking, there were never in history small superpowers. Mass destruction for them would be like a sword too heavy for a child’s hand. The politicians should have known this but they wanted, at all costs, an easy to win war with big oil profits at the end. Had the tandem been more sensitive to history and our modern times, the tragicomical farce of the Anglo Saxon invasion of Central Asia would not have occurred.

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