By William Markiewicz

Life is deterministic
Life is the persistence to keep and spread life in all circumstances; only structures highly deterministic and highly armed to challenge adversity can be considered alive. Nutrients for life come from outside, determinism seems to reside inside. The unbelievable variations in all fields, with the goal of keeping the flame of life against all odds, show that life is not a passive secretion of nature. Determinism exists only in life, which makes it a unique phenomenon in the universe.

The baffling solutions:
It doesn't matter how complex are at present the most evolved life symptoms; morphology, physiology, behaviour, it's all mind baffling, but it doesn't beat the amazing complexity at the primordial cellular level. In sub-microscopic space the complex "assembly lines" cooperate as in the most sophisticated modern industry, or better.

How did it all start?
To say "The Creator did it" and to lie back, refusing to think further, is certainly not what the Creator would require from the believer. How did life start from non-life? To think about the beginning of life we have to look for clues at the earliest possible point and what could be earlier than the forming of the planet?

The Earth solidified into rock, while the air and the water remained forever shapeless and mobile. Water being more submitted to gravity, covered uniformly, like a "coat of peace," all dramatic testimony of explosions, volcanic eruptions and quakes. But water is also a dynamic factor of change: being a good solvent, the submerged elements mixed, as in an alchemist's giant melting pot. Some automatically became cohesive, increased in volume, in variability of shape, which didn't make them automatically alive. Even crystals capable of spontaneous growth don't give an image of life. At present, certain viruses, even highly dangerous ones, are on the threshhold between life and non-life. How this process started joins another mystery, that of very existence.

I explain myself: with each problem, when we encounter some threshhold we're not equipped to traverse, we should stop in order to avoid idle philosophies. Example: -- what is matter, what is energy? -- the matter we know about is a mass composed of molecules, and energy is what it can express. What is a molecule? -- an ensemble of atoms. What is an atom? -- a formation of electrons and nuclei. -- What are they? -- Sub-particles. -- What are they? -- We don't know. At this point we cannot progress with understanding and we use formulas which work but which don't offer mental representation. Matter, energy remain two unknowns of one equation. The same happens to life; we still observe and follow the path of life without understanding all.

The priority of reproductive strategies
Reproduction = "survival by proxy." The life process absents itself from the individual in order to preserve the reproductive parcels of the individual. Death comes mostly by aging, but in certain species it can be accelerated. In certain spiders mothers offer themselves as food to the newborn in a sophisticated form of "suicide." Some ants throw themselves into fire to extinguish it and save the anthill. Certain wasps ritually, all at the same time, finish off the dying drones. So, behaviour doesn't always favour the individual but almost always the species "Always," because the suicide of the lemmings remains a mystery.

From physiology to psychology
Passing from engineered interior behaviour -- physiology -- to outside behaviour-- psychology, from "inner landscape" to "exterior landscape," and, in further development, from instincts to consciousness: How does the passage from instinct to consciousness happen? Instinct is reaction on a trigger. Consciousness is a bouquet of instincts submitted to free choice. Consciousness, being simultaneous multiple choice, must be slower and of less certain outcome than instinct.

Synchronicity means that all is the same on different levels. Synchronicity may be a fantasy, and if it exists we have no clue how it functions. For Jung synchronicity was a proof of the unity of the universe. Psychological drive for action, horror of monotony, may echo the natural dynamism of the living cell. The "satori'" enlightenment, may echo the peace of the proto-life water uniformly covering the beginning of the Earth.

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