By William Markiewicz

Are we going toward an inevitable American-Chinese collision over Africa? Whatever the consequences of China's involvement and no matter how good the prospects for the Chinese and African economies, we foresee bad news for Mother Earth.

From the beginning, humanity's development was always associated with the irreversible disappearance of species. Man destroyed the Mammoths, the Aurochs, the Dodo, countless Maritime species. The problem is that nobody can make quick money on improving nature. So, our planet, which gives us health and life, can only count on ideological supporters, meaning largely symbolic ones. The savage capitalism of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries exploited all the resources, disregarding destruction and poison in the air. Communism, in the beginning of the century in Russia, was praising the destruction of forests that "escaped far to the North" leaving space for pasture, grain and cities. Fascism, Nazism, were not kind to nature either. Communist China destroyed birds in the millions because they were eating the grain and then when the insect plague appeared, birds were quietly reintroduced. They cut millions of trees until the desert dust started to invade. Then they quietly started to replant the trees, faithful to the old adage, "the Chinese always have plenty of time at their disposal." Now, the NWO shows disdain for the environment, destroying whatever remains pristine, for oil. Gasoline exhaust destroyed acres of tobacco plantations in the Southern U.S. The planters, of course, intervened with success. When money comes into the picture there is more influence for change than esoteric concerns like health and nature. The Amazon jungle is deteriorating, with probably no hope for the future. Jules Verne wrote that if the Earth were made of coal, people would burn the Earth under their feet. The natives completely destroyed their habitats on Easter Island and the Canaries. We are a greedy species with too much power and not enough brain. So, China and Africa will cooperate to destroy Africa for the benefit of big business and industry. Which destruction will come first the American Chinese conflict over Africa or China's development of Africa?

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