By William Markiewicz

If Europe had formed earlier and successfully, there would be no war to hunt for "WMD" because the Empire that engendered this concept wouldn't have developed. This pretext for war came because of the lack of a power balance in the world. Diplomacy is the first victim of this lack of balance; the very notion of negotiation becomes despised and considered a lack of courage and determination. Bull-ism, with patriotism as its pretext, isn't even fascism; it's a pre-adolescent concept of domination. Will American public opinion tire of the politics of machismo or will the NWO stop tolerating public opinion and find a way to muzzle it?

Of course, unification of Europe brings its own serious problems. One would be, how to safeguard the very principles of democracy, human rights, citizens' rights that were born in Europe with its Renaissance-Enlightenment. As we know, not all the candidates cherish those principles. Local economies may be hard to equalize, analogous to the Third and First World differences. Another problem would be that the rigid central bureaucracies might destroy, in the name of 'hygiene' for instance, some old subtle habits that give joy of life and make a country unique. Let's not forget what happened years ago in Normandy because the rigid brainless central bureaucracy destroyed a province's distinction: Normandy was a cradle of infinite varieties of apple and pear cider. Colour, concentrations, impossible to describe it all; it was like an infinite palette of delectation and source of health. Today you don't find cider in Normandy, just some bottled variety of miserable quality. Apparently in an effort to fight alcoholism the authorities ordered destruction of apple and pear trees in the millions. People started to drink whisky and brandy instead and one inimitable aspect of Normand culture is lost. United Europe may mean the end of Camembert and other 'unhygienic' products, and thus many other expressions of the poetry of taste and aroma. The good things disappear in each country and in each generation. I still don't know why the unique garnacha in Catalonia simply disappeared, turned into a miserable bottled variety. Those are dangers linked to the unification of Europe if the blockheads aren't restrained in time. The European countries must remain, within their unification, more autonomous than the states in the USA or provinces in Canada.

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