By William Markiewicz

What's going on in Iraq is not a struggle between terror and counter-terrorism; it's a civil war between the Sunnis and the uneasy Shiite-American-Kurdish coalition. The name of the game is partition of Iraq which, up to now, could only be held together by a dictator. The dictator created a modern country by oppressing the theocrats; now the theocrats take their revenge with the help of the world's greatest power. As a matter of fact, it's a fight to reverse the history of Iraq, where, in the name of God, women and the infidels will be denied equality. America has no other interest in Iraq than oil. Their Sunni adversaries are not necessarily democratic, but in their area democracy has a greater chance to succeed because they are more diversified than Shiites and not mighty enough to oppress everybody.

The fight is very unequal: On one side the greatest world power, on the other, lightly armed suicide bombers. How long can it last? In the meantime, youth in Iraq is a lost generation. Of course, each side considers its position as unbeatable; the coalition leans on its power, the suicide bombers live only for their last day. The outlook on each side is so different that no comparison even comes into the picture. As long as there is enough heavy weaponry on one side and continuous flow of Kamikaze on the other side, the fight may go on.

For those who base their logic on arithmetic, the number of volunteer kamikazes must shrink with time. But time and History defy arithmetic. When we're born, the rising of consciousness is, in a normal situation, a golden time of existence. Love, joy, comfort are at our disposal. Everything attracts us and seems to belong to us. Our wishes, like voracious hobbits within ourselves, claim their due. We all instinctively want to be popular, to lead, to do what we want with everything, to be lucky in love, to be successful in our ambitions... the list may grow to infinity. With the first failures, life's value starts to shrink in us; in adulthood, life is pretty devoid of halos, and becomes a mixture of acceptance/resignation. On such ground, when ideologies mix, the voluntary abandonment of life for a cause may become an option, and a sufficient one to feed a war.

In conclusion, to win a war, smashing, scaring populations will not work. The most arrogant conqueror must "bow" himself to, finally, talk with the adversary. Alas, we're not yet at that stage because with the powerful ones, muscles outgrow their brains.

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