By William Markiewicz

-- a Spanish expression meaning you're punished for being punished. Bush congratulates himself for punishing the weaker for its weakness. How do you become a great leader of a bored superpower nation? You look abroad and choose a tiny, harmless and rich adversary. You take advantage of his rather small mistake that follows him like a shadow, you amplify it and you demonise him as a mortal danger for the notion of Good, the Nation and the World; imaginary, unverifiable, improbable dangers. As in a discourse on theology, you can neither prove nor disprove anything. No matter how unbelievable the accusation, the bored and sedated nation will believe, or simply not care enough.

"Because they hate us they commit suicide" ... What times and world do we live in that anybody could believe in such absurdities? Is there something in the air that destroys people's brains?

Iraq is too rich in oil for its own good. If you're weak you'd better be invisible. Iraq didn't follow this rule and pays for it with its life. In a "sovereign" Iraq, the oil and industry will not be Iraqi. The Iraqi jobless experts will become paupers in one generation and the entire brilliant Iraqi infrastructure will sink into the desert sand. As one neocon said 10 years ago: "Theirs will be sand, ours will be the oil." Iraqis will become fellahin. Terrorism will probably survive for a long time. On one side, those who consider themselves doomed don't care for the future. On the other side, the invader needs terrorism to justify a permanent strong colonial presence.

Who will be the next to be "liberated" or "punished for terrorism"? There is no lack of weak and rich. It will be an invented or provoked terrorism, because terrorism doesn't precede aggression, it follows.

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