By William Markiewicz

The Rabin-Arafat peace negotiations were in fact the last goodbye kiss for the hope of peace. Rabin's murder by an Israeli terrorist opened a Jinn's bottle for a chain of events: Osama, September 11th, Afghanistan, Iraq and whatever comes next. Regarding terrorism, there is not the slightest chance to stop it now. This is all a matter of momentum; the terrorists simply have become much too powerful to be stopped. The stupidity and arrogance of the powerholders has reinforced the extremists on both sides. Had Bush proposed the "Roadmap for Peace" earlier, the whole world would be different now. The terrorists are overcome by cold hatred and determination. They are as unintimidated by retaliation as were Soviet soldiers by the torrent of German bullets (according to German testimony). Invasions and occupations change the face of the world politically and economically, but have little effect on terrorism. Occupiers can only occupy, while terrorists gain experience and skill. Terrorists, because of their youth, cherish their martyr image. They don't change the map of the world as the imperialists do but they leave their mark on History and they know it. Terror strikes here and there but the main target remains Israel and the Israelis will have to learn how to live with it permanently. Retaliations a la Sharon may bring only psychological relief to Israel.

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